Saturday, April 21, 2012

G-Yi Tang Hong Kong Dim Sum Restaurant @ USJ 10 Taipan, Subang Jaya

by Daniel Chiam

My first dim sum breakfast for this month, and 7 of us decided to give a newly opened dim sum shop in Taipan for a try. All I know about Hong Kong dim sum, is that it's going to be pricey but my lust for small lil' meaty stuff says that I must give it a go :D

The order form. Price ranging from RM3.80 to RM6.00

Our tea for detox

Andrew from GigglersLife

Preserved egg and pork congee

My fav - Deep-fried taro pastry a.k.a Wu Kok


Bean curd sheet shrimp rolls

Deep-fried shrimp dumplings with salad

Steamed spare ribs with yam

Siu Mai

Steamed golden bun 

Steamed rice rolls with shrimps/bbq pork and parsley

Chicken feet with spicy sauce

5 out of 7 who ate like a boss!

IMHO, none of the dish really stands out from one another, and its really not compatible with the price that you are paying for. The food are still acceptable. Other than the missing yam, the steamed spare ribs and the chicken feet is quite tasty. The rest are just pretty normal for me.

No.48, Jalan USJ 10/1B
UEP Subang Jaya
47620 Selangor
Tel: 03-8081 6488


  1. Nyum nyum.. Looks super yummy! :)

  2. daniel: someone has an addiction. QUick call the therapist...ahhahah

  3. I want all of them! Yumz... Hehe ;)

    1. Next time you can bring baby to eat dim sum... so cute xD

  4. Replies
    1. They have it too but we didn't order xD

  5. Replies
    1. Trekking you back and thanks for the visit =)

  6. i thought u went to hong kong...hehe..
    all look yummy! haizzz if only i could reach into this screen & take those dim sums....hehe..
    hey i saw ur picture with aki & arms...u look so cute, DC!! ^^

  7. the filling in the steamed golden bun looks really thick! but i prefer those which give me oozing golden cream :P

    Latest: FiSh Castle

    1. I like the those kind too... haha. Like this one:
      in my previous post:

  8. those photo seems nice actually, but never judge from the look right?? haha.. :p

  9. Steamed spare ribs with yam!! My favorite dimsum! if u come kuching, i bring u to the best dimsum place i always frequent. :-)

    1. Its a deal then! Gonna find time to go visit Kuching for dim sum! Haha :D


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