Sunday, October 14, 2012

How Did I Win A Brand New Samsung Galaxy SIII

by Daniel Chiam

Did anyone of you went for the #ChurpOut2012 event at Publika yesterday? Cause it was freakin' wet and awesome! I met a lot of familiar blogger's face there, celebrities, pretty girls and most importantly, I won a brand new Samsung Galaxy SIII there!

I've been desperate to change my X10 mini pro into a larger screen phone for quite sometimes now, but my saving for phone never met its target and somehow, I really attended the event with a burning flame to win that SIII. 

I joined the Xpax Whatchuwant Pimp My Ride contest and they ONLY accept the first 15 people who registered for the contest on the spot. Yes people, I reached Publika early just to be that first 15 people who sign up, haha.

All of us were given 1 hour to paint or customize a white Mini Cooper car model as creative as possible. Then the game begin. I had no preparation what-so-ever for the contest and whatever I did to the car is just all base on the little arts experience that I have in the past.

When the one hour time was done. I looked at everyone's car and was truly impress by most of it. So many talented people and somehow it's going to be tough for the judges to select the winner. I had given all my best and whatever happened I should really enjoy the fun time painting the car, haha.

This was what I drew initially but I had to wipe it all off and redo again afterwards =/

I truly enjoy the company of fellow blogger friends. Merryn and family is always the best to hangout with, haha. Specially when you have the energetic Ethan around. I wanted to take a ride on the rodeo bull but then all the contestant were being summon as they are ready to announce the winner.

As we gathered. I can see that there were 2 judges who is still deciding and looking at all the cars that was displayed in a row, and mine was on number 11. I can see that they were pointing at my car and then look at others again. The tension is really killing me! I was like "just announce the winner and let's get this done with". One of them scribbled something on a piece of paper and pass it to Linora Low from Red FM who was the official emcee of the day.

Bottom right, that's my car with the flare :D

Either I win this or I shall get soaking wet by joining the Dunked & Draw game that were going on in the event as well. Linora opened the paper, and she didn't announce it just yet. She asked confirmation from the judges, they nodded and one of them were saying something to her. I was like "God please let me win!!! Please choose number 11".

"Aaaaand the winner is.... nummmmber... Eeeeeeleven!". I was over joyed when I heard I was the chosen winner, I got up and I gave my best shout: "Wooooohoooo!". Linora was like, "you are the winner?". Oh yes I am the winner yo! Followed with a lot of pictures taking session.

Everyone was congratulating me while I'm still in disbelief. It takes awhile before reality kicks in for me. I am truly happy cause I never won such expensive prize in my life, really thank God for the blessing. I congrats the other participant that I know also, cause truly everyone had the chance to win and so happened mine was selected by the judges.

Photo taken from the Xpaxsays Twitter account.

Will show you the phone once I collected it (hopefully SOON!). Thank you again to friends that shared my joy. All of you are truly the magnificent. Thank you Xpax, ChurpChurp, Nuffnang and if MTV is willing to pimp my ride, I will thank you too, haha. It was indeed a great event. Everyone had a lot of fun and see you all again at #ChurpOut2013 next year :D

"Seize the day, Caper Diem"

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  1. Wah you're so determined!!
    Congratulations!! ^_^

  2. Congratulation to you Daniel! Seems like the I Love Keningau t-shirt brought you luck. Wohahaha.. Now no need budget, just need creative and you won yourself a S3. =D

  3. Congrats Dan! That's an awesome winning!

  4. Congrats congrats! You truly deserve to win it! It's either you or that ombak ombak car in my opinion :D

  5. Hey congrats! Did know u're so creative! Awesome :)

  6. grats~ i was behind you on that moment and heard you shout woohoo~ lol~


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