Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Fear Factor House Challenge @ Sunway Pyramid

by Daniel Chiam

The anticipation is finally heating up! Fear Factor Malaysia is going to premiere on December 29, Saturday 9PM, only in Astro Ria (104) and Mustika HD (134). This is what we have all have been waiting for, to see some of our favorite local celebrities goes face to face with their fear! Will some of them chicken out from the challenges given or will we get to see someone actually step up, be brave and overcome their fear just to complete a challenge? All that will be answered once the series start airing this coming December 29!

Because of that, 30 bloggers has been invited to participate in the Fear Factor House Challenge during their roadshow and promo at Sunway Pyramid. I was among the fortunate one who was being given the chance to take up the challenge that day!

Photo by Tian Chad.

Bloggers do what bloggers do best, we all had fun while waiting patiently for our turn to take up the Fear Factor House Challenge. The challenge was easy, there will be 4 stages for us to complete and everyone must be able to pass the first test before being able to proceed to the next and the one with the fastest time to complete will walk away with a 13" MacBook Pro!

I was desperate for a new laptop and was hoping that I could won the challenge but sadly, I didn't even manage to pass the first round -_- sad right? So here's what you needed to so. First challenge was to find 4 marble balls in a box fill with WORMS! Euuughhhh... Well, to be honest it wasn't really that hard but since it was a time attack mode, I failed to complete it within the given time. Failed! 

Mira and I after I'm done with the first challenge.

I didn't manage to move into the second round where the challenges took place in some few rooms. I was super curious to find out what and how will the challenges be in those 3 rooms. So after the bloggers challenge I actually sign up again as a member of the public to take up the challenges again! Now you can't really take picture of the challenges in the room, so yeah... no pictures to show you how cool am I in actions :p

This time I passed. *YES* So what was in the first room? FROGS! Yes, you are required to catch 5 frogs in the fastest time. I must say, it was the first time I ever catch frogs before and it felt pretty normal for me. Just that I feel bad for the poor guys that I had to squeeze them a bit for some firm grip so that they won't slipped away. 

Second challenge is quite easy. All you need to do is to find 3 Fear Factor flags in TOTAL DARKNESS! There's few holes which you can't see what's really inside and you just need to rely on your other senses and instinct to find all the flags.

The final challenge is to find a key in a cage filled with SNAKES! Pythons lying all around and you need to move them in order to find the key that will unlock the door. I once took picture with a Python before and I thought it won't be a problem for me but end up, I failed because of my own emotions, haha. I got scared and panic (cause the room was dark too!). So I didn't really manage to complete all the challenge :( 

Arjan Lee and I. Photo by Tian Chad.

It was really a new and fun experience for me. Tho I was not the champion but I felt like one, specially when I take the trouble to went for a second try just to fulfill my curiosity, haha. Also a few celebrities from the show was also present. Arjan Lee, Alam Wakaka, Dr. Faiz, Zawen, Dazrin, Atu and many more was there to entertain the fans and also to promote the show.

Dr. Faiz, Alam, me and Zawen. Photo by Darren Low.

They were all super cool and it was really great to be able to actually talk to them, specially on what to expect for the show. Not much details could be reveal since they need to keep most of it as a secret to not spoiled the show but one thing for sure, you can expect a lot of mind threatening challenges that all the celebrities had to go through. I can't wait for the show to start and find out what are the challenges that really brings fear to all the macho looking guys, haha.

'Whose here is dare enough?!". 

Still wondering which blogger who have the guts and manage to walk away with the brand new MacBook Pro along with RM1500? I'm just proud that he is a fellow Sabahan too! Sabah Boleh Bah! He's none other than KifliSi Budak Jambu. It was my first time meeting him also and all I can say is that he is really eccentric, bubbly, cheerful and fun loving guy! Not to mentioned that he is also very kind that he offered to buy all the bloggers lunch!

It was all fun and really is a great experience for me especially. Tho the bloggers event was only for a day, but the roadshow lasted for two days and just last week, they were at Teluk Chempedak, Kuantan, Pahang for the last roadshow before the show premiere on December 29! Again, its on every Saturday, 9PM on Astro Ria (104) and Mustika HD (134).

For more updates of where will the next roadshow be or about the celebrities that took part in the show, you can checkout their Facebook Page which is efficiently updated. Last but not least, don't forget to catch the show!

"Seize the day, Caper Diem"

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  1. yuckssss to the wormsss,,,

  2. i dun mind joining next year..i wish i cud win sumthg at

  3. Frogs??!! No thanks.. :D

  4. sy sanggup..kecuali snakes!....:( wah..sabahan blogger juga manang? congrats!

  5. I miss the real Fear Factor tv shows! Hehe..

  6. wow, baru update :) nice entry. Borneo Blogger Cool ^_^

  7. The snakes one seems scary, I hate snakes so much, never touch them also. Haha.

  8. Wow~ All the challenges were seriously hard. Worms, Frogs.. Just hearing of those I already fail. ;p

  9. wow! what an awesome experience u had there!

  10. sound so fun !! I wish I was there.. :(

  11. One that I almost shit in my pants too, haha.

  12. I had trouble with the snakes only -_- I am terrified of snakes.

  13. Haha kalau aku menang, hari tu juga aku up post ni... hahaha

  14. I have never watch any Fear Factor show for so long now.

  15. Surprisingly I am ok with frogs haha.

  16. Wow very nice for buzz blogger huhu good luck and can not waiting for tonite at Astro Ria.

  17. Ya man. Everyone is trying their best to win!

  18. currently watching! im actually excited bcoz it's..well, Aaron Aziz. haha :p
    i think i could survive the challenges, but when it comes to insects, especially cockroaches..i'd give up..huuhuuu


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