Monday, February 10, 2014

FoodSocial Malaysia

by Daniel Chiam 

FoodSocial Malaysia is a new foodie social network that just started recently and I happened to know someone that knows someone from FoodSocial Malaysia, and got myself a chance to actually appear in one of their promo video. 

The first thing that came to mind when I saw some of the footage that was taken was, I need to lose more weight! Indeed its true that you'll appear 10 times fatter in video, haha. Oh gosh, I really need to step up my training after this T_T

Kay Kastum the awesome director.

Oh and Kay was the director, he’s the only one that’s willing to use me for any of his video, haha. Plus, it’s the first time that I get to work beside a beautiful young lady for a video and too bad for her that I’m no Daniel Craig nor Daniel Wu but its all hallelujah for me that I get to work with an angel for a change. If you have watched the video, that's the best 27 seconds intro in my acting career so far, haha.

The lovely Amanda

Enough with the flattering, it’s not like I can get anywhere with her even if I wanted to. So do checkout the video, give it a thumb up, comment for support and most importantly share it on your social network if you enjoyed it. Do also checkout FoodSocial Malaysia on Facebook and find out what are they all about or you’ll missed out all the good deals for your favorite food!

"Seize the day, Caper Diem"

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