Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Reliving School Days

by Daniel Chiam

I attended a school's event, and I got bored half way from all the speeches. So, I took my camera and went out of the hall for a few shots to relive my school days. Student's life sure looks simple enough if compared to what the adults had to deal with everyday. For that, I wished all these young kiddos that's full of dreams and promises, all the best for their future.

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Daniel Chiam is a self taught photographer who is a coffee addict and love his afternoon nap. He always wished to travel more often but there's always a hole in his pockets. One of his life long wishes is to do bungee jumping in New Zealand, and he is now working hard to make that happened. 

"Seize the day, Caper Diem"

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  1. I wasn't a clever student as well. If fact, my best friends from primary school stayed in the top classes during form 1 to form 5. I was in the first class at form 1 but enjoyed too much then dropped each year till form 3. Fortunately, I studied hard and got good results in PMR and got back hanging out with them in form 4 and stayed with them all the way. Wakaka.

    The point is, never have too much fun till you forget to study at least consistently. :D

    Happy Wednesday, bro.

  2. i got that nostalgic pang sometimes when im teaching..needless to say, i was one of the shining students (glory days) & high school was awesome. so i told my students everything that i wish somebody told me years ago. haha. and of course, i told to HAVE FUN. :)

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