Need An Ultrasound? Go with High-Definition

Not too long ago, and still today at a certain extent, ultrasound images were difficult to read by anyone other than ultrasound technicians and doctors. Most often, ultrasound imaging is used to see infants in the womb and maintain infant health through the course of a pregnancy. Ultrasound is also used for a variety of other medical imaging needs.

Uses for High-Definition Ultrasound

Overall, this type of scan is used for more detailed imaging, particularly of infants, but there are other uses too.

·    Imaging for various organs in the body is used for examination. The high resolution ultrasound serves to show the best quality of image that ultrasound can provide. It is used to scan the liver, the brain, testicles, veins, thyroid, pancreas, female and male sexual organs, and more.

high resolution ultrasound

·    Imaging for areas of the body with metallic implants has to be done without electromagnetic imaging, leaving an MRI out of the equation. In these cases, an ultrasound will clearly reveal the problem and a treatment can be agreed upon.

·    When it comes to heart disease, ultrasound imaging is the best way to find arterial blockages and certain types of heart damage. As a non-invasive test, it can be done quickly on an outpatient basis. Only ultrasound has real success with vascular imaging.

What to Prepare For

Before you go into a clinic for an ultrasound, ask the clinicians how you should prepare. What and how they will be looking at something will determine how you should prepare. Generally, it is advised that you wear loose, comfortable clothing and shower well that day. Express any concerns you may have so you can be educated about how imaging works and the benefits it can provide. Ultrasound imaging is not at all painful and you will be going home that day.

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